Ask us About Hookah Parties

We can host your party at our location or we can come to you.

Come Enjoy our Large Hookah Selection

Hookah is also known as narghile, argileh, shisha, hubble-bubble, shisha and goza. Although India is the country where hookah really took off, discussions are held whether hookah was invented in Persia or India.

As you might wonder, hookahs consist of many components making sure you get a quality hookah session. First, there is the bowl or the hookah head – something that holds the coal and the tobacco during the session.

New Location

The new location is amazing! Good ventilation, Good atmosphere! Good selection of Sticks!
What makes Ashes a cut about the rest, is the “Family Environment!” No one that visits is a stranger! If you are visiting for the first time, by the time you leave you are Family!

Great food & fun idea

The Best Cigar Bar in Kendall. A place to relax and smoke and watch Football with the guys, everyone seems to know each other here and greet everyone there is always good conversation here!


Every shop has the same cigars, give or take a few sticks. But very few shops have this kind of atmosphere. Everybody greets everybody! I drive 30 minutes to go there, well worth it. Good prices, good selection, great conversation, and free cafecito. Hey, its better than therapy!
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