13620 SW 120th St Suite 224, Miami

Home away from home!

We are truly a "Home away from home". Our customers quickly become family. Step into our lounge and hang out for an hour, it's a guarantee, you will feel like you're home.

To better serve our community and Ashes family, we will be doing curbside (in/out) sales daily from 11 am X 4 pm. We will also be doing home (next day) delivery for our locals daily between 11 am X 3 pm. You can call (305) 232-4488 to place your order, or inbox "Ark Kush" with order information. A 10% fee will be added to all deliveries. Let Ashes Cigar and Lounge continue to be your #homeawayfromhome 


Our Lounge

Randy and Alvin hung out at the previous location under a different owner and used to imagine owning a cigar lounge that would reflect their vibe and warm personality. After a couple of years, the shop became available for purchase, so they jumped on the opportunity. As they predicted, everyone loves the new vibe so much that the nickname floated around “Home away from home”.

They quickly outgrew the space and moved to this new location. Mostly packed, when one of the usual’s walk in, it is such a pleasure seeing the handshaking and hugs to everyone already in the lounge. And the newcomers are quickly welcomed and integrated into the family.

Why come to our lounge?

We're always improving. Every feedback is valuable.

  • Choosing a Cigar

    When you arrive at our cigar lounge, you’ll walk into a humidor full of cigars. A knowledgeable tobacconist will guide you through our selection, matching a great cigar to your palate.

  • Quality

    A man or a woman with a cigar is held in high regards. Celebrating a special occasion is often marked with holding a great cigar. Do not compromise.

  • Accessories

    We offer a one-stop shop. All the accessories you need to enjoy a good cigar, from cutting to lighting and storing.

Get great deals on bundles up to 20% OFF

Occasionally get great deals on our bundles. 10 - 20 % off.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Use our Lounge for Your Events

Host your private parties, company events, bachelor parties etc... in our lounge. Great setting, great vibe. We will help you impress your guests with a large and impressive variety of cigars. We also offer beer and wine. We can even arrange for catering.

Did I also mention that we have domino tables and hookahs?

Give us a call.

J Frederick

Cigar Aficionado

The new location is amazing! Good ventilation, Good atmosphere! Good selection of Sticks! What makes Ashes a cut about the rest, is the “Family Environment!” No one that visits is a stranger! If you are visiting for the first time, by the time you leave you are Family! The Love at Ashes is abundant! In the event you should have a different experience, I will underwrite the of your purchase!

Hmm Really

Cigar Aficionado

The Best Cigar Bar in Kendall. A place to relax and smoke and watch Football with the guys, everyone seems to know each other here and greet everyone there is always good conversation here!

George Sanchez

Cigar Aficionado

Ashes cigar and lounge have to be my favorite cigar lounge in Kendall. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They have a great amount of knowledge on cigars, and they make fantastic Cuban coffee. The seats and couches are super comfortable as well.

Ron Gilbert

Cigar Aficionado

A truly enjoyable evening of cigars in a friendly environment. I will be back again and again

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